Know who you are looking for?  Try these:

Commercial Databases

These databases carry a lot of information, some of which seems quite intrusive, if their claims about their records are correct.  I have only ever used and Peopletracer, so can't vouch for the others.

People Search Lookups is a public records database that mainly covers the USA, Canada, the UK and Australia, though it does have coverage in some other countries too.

Gov Resources is a similar database, but is confined to the US. is a UK based database.  You sign up and buy credits to view certain records, although some are available free of charge.  I managed to find one cousin (for free) using as she was listed as a company director.

Peopletracer is a partner service of Like you can see some free results, but for the best information you need to buy credits - currently £11.95 for 10 searches or £29.95 for 50 searches.  You then have access to up-to-date electoral roll information, Land Registry details, phone directories and Google maps.


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